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History of Midwifery Discussions on the Internet

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Here is a little bit about the history of midwifery discussions on the Internet:

The first public reference I could find to the warwick list was this announcement of a discussion of the proposed newsgroup, sci.med.pregnancy, with the midwives list as one of the other groups to be posted:

From cudma@csv.warwick.ac.uk Thu Jun  2 15:58:53 1994
From: Denis Anthony <cudma@csv.warwick.ac.uk>
Subject: RFD: sci.med.pregnancy

. . .

The following groups will be posted :-

. . .

and to the midwives list :-


. . .

and the first actual post I could find was a discussion of . . . SURPRISE . . . the types of midwives!  (Thank goodness we've gotten past those tedious discussions!)
Subj: Re: Empirical & Direct Entery Midwife (Homebirth Page)
Date: Sun, Dec 18, 1994 8:53 PM EDT
From: jlegacy@u.washington.edu
X-From: jlegacy@u.washington.edu (Janis Legacy)
Sender: midwife-request@csv.warwick.ac.uk
To: tau@macbel.be (Anne Kesteloot & Patrick Hublou)
CC: midwife@csv.warwick.ac.uk (Mailing-list)
Wow! Here's an even earlier one - about cabbage leaves!

Date: Fri Jun 24 13:49:50 PDT 1994
Subject: Re: preventing beastmilk engorgement
To: MIDWIFE.csv.warwick.ac.uk

May 6, 1996 - list moved from warwick to fensende.

This welcome message from 1998 gives a little bit of the history of the handover from the warwick list to the fensende list:

"Midwife used to be maintained by Denis Anthony but as of Monday 6,
May, 1996 it is in the hands of Sabrina Cuddy and majordomo, an
automated listserver."

[Note that in this welcome message, it refers to the original home of the Midwife Archives on fensende.com, since Sabrina Cuddy was running her own server and had both the disk space and the bandwidth to house the Midwife Archives.  It wasn't until I got my own window-based workstation in January of 1998 that I started my website at gentlebirth.org and started hosting a lesser-used mirror site for the Midwife Archives.  And, in case you're wondering, I started working on turning my midwifery notes into The Midwife Archives, in April, 1997, when Sabrina Cuddy convinced me that it was "easy" to make web pages.  I think the first delivery of The Midwife Archives was made by bike delivery on diskettes, when I was still editing raw HTML in emacs on a 24x80 screen and then testing them on a friend's computer running Windows.. My first record of shipping files to Sabrina on the Internet was 13 Nov 1997,   The decision to make gentlebirth.org the primary home of The Midwife Archives occurred on Friday the 13th of February, 1998, and then Sabrina kept a mirror site at fensende.com for another year or so, and then the bandwidth at gentlebirth.org was sufficient to go solo.]

In one of the great synchronicities of life, Sabrina Cuddy lived on Warwick St. in Redwood City, CA..  (Another synchronicity is that Sabrina actually used to live in Mountain View, CA, about 12 houses away from Ronnie Falcao, the editor of these web pages, the Midwife Archives, but they didn't meet until after Sabrina had moved to Palo Alto, about a block from Faith Gibson.)

There was also a public list, sci.med.midwifery, which allowed midwives to engage in discussion with members of the public about midwifery.  Here's the FIRST CALL FOR VOTES for sci.med.midwifery. I find it somewhat quaint that midwifery was defined as "The practice of obstetrics by midwives".  We've come a long way, baby!

From:   Michael Handler - view profile
Date:  Tues, Sep 12 1995 12:00 am
Email:   hand...@sub-rosa.com (Michael Handler)
Groups:   news.announce.newgroups, news.groups, sci.med, misc.kids.pregnancy, misc.kids, soc.women, sci.med.nursing, alt.folklore.herbs, alt.support.breastfeeding, misc.health.alternative, misc.kids.health
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                     FIRST CALL FOR VOTES (of 2)
                  moderated group sci.med.midwifery

Newsgroups line:
sci.med.midwifery       The practice of obstetrics by midwives (Moderated).

and this message further named names, i.e. those who had volunteered as moderators:

* Mr. Bernhard Muenzer <m...@gsf.de>
* Ms. Cheri Van Hoover <Cher...@aol.com>
* Ms. Deirdre E.E.A. Joukes <065...@pc-lab.fbk.eur.nl>
* Ms. Marjorie A. Dacko <WVUY...@prodigy.com>
* Mr. Patrick Hublou <phub...@innet.be>
* Ms. Sabrina Cuddy <swny...@remarque.berkeley.edu>

Again, this Call for Votes was also cross-posted to the warwick list.

My first public midwifery posting was on this list - Mon, Nov 27 1995

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