Peterís Theory of the Life There-after

Peter had considerable time to ponder where he was going next. What follows is his conception of the worlds beyond this one.

First of all, death or dying is a misconception. What happens when a person moves from the breathing state to the non-breathing state is actually a shift to another plane of existence. Peter was told that a guide would appear to accompany him on his shift. He also determined that there are 999 planes contained within infinity and that there are 11 universes in the cosmos. He would like you to know that his shift is to the cosmic plane and that he is now referred to as a cosmic being. On this plane, he is able to recognize those whom he knew previously here on earth.

Peter was very curious about what transpires on these different planes and how his new existence would unfold. The information he received is as follows: The cosmic plane is like a holding tank; you can remain there forever or shift from the cosmic plane back to earth; or, to one of the other 999 planes.

Our spirit, our energy and our knowledge remain with us as we move to other planes. Knowledge is stored in the collective unconscious where it is available for use when needed on earth. Those with Alzheimerís or dementia are not able to pass along their data or knowledge to the cosmic plane due to their disease; however, their energy and spirit do transfer when they shift.

Certain experiences are gained on different planes; once these experiences are finished, you can remain or move on to another plane. There may be laughter found on the more physical planes.  Other planes may be more intellectual, while still others are more spiritual. Joy and peace are the main experiences on the cosmic plane.

There were questions that Peter did not receive answers for, such as: who or what  decides what information passes into the collective unconscious. How are these decisions made in terms of what is useful or not? It would have to be a non-judgmental process, meaning you couldnít decide for or against republican or democratic thought processes. And, what happens to the energy or knowledge that is determined not useful for the future? The big question was: what happens to the ideas in the knowledge banks of someone like Hitler or Bush?

Peter, as you know, was a great teacher and he wished to have his last transmission, at least the last one in earthly form, to be passed along to all of you.


[This was written by Linda Foote, Peter's life partner.]


Peter Paulay was/is my healthcare provider and spiritual teacher from 1991 to 2003, when he needed to focus on his own upcoming shift away from this physical existence on Planet Earth.  He made the shift on June 5, 2004.
                   - Ronnie Falcao