TENS Rental for Labor/Birth

I have a few TENS units that are available for rental local to Mountain View, CA:

The Babycare Elle TENS - the latest and greatest TENS unit for labor/birth, with an easy-to-use digital user interface.  Rental fee - $80

The Babycare Femme TENS - the same functionality as the Elle Tens unit but with the older user interface.  Rental fee - $70

Please  note - Pickup and return are at my home office in downtown Mountain View, CA.  I do not provide any training or instruction, but the rental kit comes with instructions and a diagram of electrode placement for labor.

Please note that these TENS units are available for local rental only, and that you are responsible for picking up and returning the kits in condition suitable to be rented out again immediately.  Pickup and return are at limited times at my office in downtown Mountain View, CA.

In addition to a specific unit, you will need to decide how many butterfly electrodes you would like to purchase.  The cost for each is $15:

Many women are happy with using just one butterfly electrode, which contains two electrodes, one for each side of the spine. Other women like to have the option of using one set of electrodes on the mid back and another on the lower back as shown in this picture:

If you end up not using the butterfly electrodes, I will buy them back from you at purchase cost.

The rental period is for up to 4 weeks; for a first baby, I suggest that you pick up the TENS about 2 weeks before your due date.  For a subsequent baby, I suggest that you pick up the TENS unit about 2 weeks earlier than your first baby came, relative to your due date.

TENS rental is arranged by e-mail only.  I will not respond to telephone inquiries for TENS rental.  To inquire about TENS availability around your due date, please check with me by e-mail; please let me know your due date and the city where you live.  Thanks.

This web page belongs to Ronnie Falcao, LM MS, homebirth midwife and hospital doula


Graham-Field GF-3 TENS - this older unit was not designed specifically for labor and birth, so it does not have a special button for during a contraction, although you can achieve the same effect.  Rental fee - $35/month; this isn't specifically for birth, but if you have some kind of birth-related injury that is causing long-term pain, this might be an option for you.