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Women in the 13th Moon Cycle

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Women in the 13th Moon Cycle
Notes by Connie Dello Buono (connie@motherhealth.com; http:
Taught by Carol Leonard

In my need to care for my mother, now 63, I wanted to learn how to care for her in the most natural way using the products of the earth.  Though her ovaries and uterus were removed from an H-mole/ectopic pregnancy complicated by the IUD use, she doesn’t take any HRT or synthetic hormones.  She can’t afford it and she just keeps herself surrounded by her friends and family.  She drinks dark beer to keep her feeling good during the day.  Like her mother, she moves a lot, works a lot and believes that in serving others she would feel satisfaction in life.  I understand now why she could cry easily from any stories or conversation we have had on the telephone.  She could also laugh out laud and I wish it were already end of March 2000, when she stays home with me in the Silicon Valley to help me with my kids.  I hope my husband would not feel jealous of my mom.  The following notes were taken from the lecture of Carol Leonard a midwife in New Hampshire, given during the MANA conference at Lake Tahoe, November 13,1999.

Hot Flashes
• Motherwort tincture ½ tsp.; don’t use when you’re heavy bleeding/dysmynorrhea.
• Black cohosh decreases hot flashes; 10-15 drops 1/2x a day.
• Add 50 mg of soy-based product in your diet; ¾ lbs; isoflavones in the soy-based products are good sources of natural estrogen.
• Keep cool; eat smaller meals; walk away from aggravated situations.
• Exercise decreases LH and FSH; nourishing the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland.
• 600 IU of Vitamin E decreases progesterone production.
• Panax ginseng
• Sage tea (dries up milk)

• 400 IU  of Vitamin E; 50 more IU for diabetics
• drink ..drink; ¾ gal. Of water
• motherwort tincture

• Astro (glycerin-based); 1-800-astro-glide
• Coconut oil+coco butter+honey
• Aloe vera gel+slippery elm powder+Vitamin E cap
• Comfrey-based ointment; golden seal is too drying

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