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Midwife Archives

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The Midwife Archives is a collection of information about all aspects of pregnancy, birth and well-woman care from a midwifery perspective.  Compiled and maintained by Ronnie Falcão, a homebirth midwife in Mountain View, California.

The Midwife Archives originated as Ronnie Falcão's notes from discussions on the various email lists hosted at fensende.com.  It has grown to include links to lots of other relevant sites.  The Midwife Archives is now maintained on Ronnie Falcão's web site - gentlebirth.org.

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There is currently no mirror site, since my current host service, verio.com, has good redundancy.

About the Midwife Archives

This site is maintained as a free public service to provide information and support regarding Pregnancy, Birth and Well-Woman Care. The site maintainers have no medical credentials and there is no medical advice at this site.  None of the information or links at this site is warranted for accuracy, reliability, timeliness, completeness, or anything else; read and click at this site (and the rest of the Web) at your own risk and with a healthy dose of skepticism -- and always consult your midwife or other care provider. Please e-mail comments, inquiries, suggestions, and corrections (everything, including typos) to Ronnie Falcao

Subsections on this page:

Finding What You're Looking For

Much of the information in these pages is extracted from conversations on the birth-related distribution lists at fensende.com. As such, the information wasn't necessarily presented in a straightforward, linear fashion. Consequently, the organization of these pages is somewhat haphazard.

This page contains a sort of Table of Contents.

At the bottom of this page and every page in the Midwife Archives, you can access a search engine for these pages.

Major Topics:

Table of Contents


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