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Pregnant Mom Writes About Considering a Homebirth

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I'm new here too and enjoying soaking up all the info. Though I haven't had a homebirth (yet), I was in your situation before my last birth. I really felt that I would be happiest, most secure, most comfortable at home. However, I caved to my own insecurities...I felt like since this was my first, I should go to the hospital where I could be "helped". Well, after quite a labor, I was "helped" right into the OR for a c-section.

I actually had what would be considered a great c-section in that I recovered in practically 24 hours, and had no psychological challenges with the final outcome of my baby's birth (who was a 9 lb, 12 oz and healthy babe).

My husband and I recently starting working on baby number two (hoping for a +HPT soon!) and this prompted some serious research into my future birthing options. I had been led to believe that I could try for a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC)...but if I had a baby as big or bigger than my first, I would likely have a repeat cesarean. Or I could just schedule a cesarean. This from my OB/GYN.

I didn't think that was much of an option, and was highly considering scheduling a cesarean when I found the ICAN email list. I was actually more looking for a support group for those having cesareans, but what I found was a wealth of information.

With that information and looking back at my past experience, I realized that all the hospital/OB interventions had placed me in the position of having a cesarean, and that had I been at home, had the support of a midwife (and maybe a doula?) and been better educated myself, I could easily have delivered a baby even bigger than my first. In fact, it could have been a breech baby (quite common in my family) and I could still have delivered at home.

What I'm trying to say is that if you feel most comfortable with a homebirth, go with your instincts! (I wish I had.) And if you decide that a hospital birth is more for you, pass on all the interventions...even the OB if possible... and educate yourself until you think you can take no more...I really thought I was educated and boy was I wrong.

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