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What makes a Successful Apprentice?

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The successful apprentices are the ones who are always available.
They never have to turn you down when called for a birth.
They take the time to come to appointments at least once a week.
They spend plenty of time reading on their own.
They come to all of your childbirth classes.
The thing I hate the worst is an apprentice who waffles on whether or not they can go to a birth. I don't want to hear their excuse stories. I want to be on my way.

I haven't had a real apprentice, but have had 2 student nurse-midwives. This is what I would like.

*That the student tell me up front what she knows and what she doesn't.
*That she be helpful and look for things to do when it's slow.
*That she NEVER contradict me in front of a client, but definitely ask lots
of questions as soon as it is convenient.
*That she stay connected to me in notes or phone after she leaves me - I
have invested a lot of time and effort in her and I want to know what is
happening with her.
*That she be available at any time day or night for ANY aspect of
midwifery, even the false labors, the boring prodromals, the miscarriages
because those may teach more than an easy catch.
*That she volunteer to do some small extras such as work on the lending
library or file cards - I would never ask, but it would be nice.
*To be understanding when I say "this prenatal, birth, pelvic or whatever
is _mine_ and I don't want to/can't share this one", for whatever reason.

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