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An Online Blessingway Ceremony

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We can't be with you in body, but we are with you in spirit to support you as you connect with your inner strength and prepare for the birth.

Please imagine that we are gathering in a place that is special to you, and we have adorned ourselves with festive clothes and flowers to bring grace and beauty to this ceremony.

We meet in circle, pass some honey cake, and share some sparkling cider.

We spend a few minutes in meditation to connect with the earth and the sky and whatever forces are our source of strength.

We invite the baby to be aware of our ceremony, and you may feel her moving in response to our hopes for her.

Then, I offer this poem.


Embracing a new life,

one feels the essence of Being.

Calming and enfolding,

Loving Arms.

Then, as they're moved to speak, others from the circle rise to offer good wishes.

The greatest gift I can wish for you is that she bring you as much joy as my daughter brought, and continues to bring, me.

All the best to you both.

I will be thinking about you often during the next few weeks. Motherhood has been THE most challenging life change I have experienced. The day my first child was born my life was irrevocably changed. I really didn't expect it so my first few weeks of motherhood were tinged by shock. But it was a "good" kind of shock (if that's possible). I never imagined that I could love or be moved at such depths. I was overwhelmed by joy. I envy you this most wonderful time of life. Nothing else in the world is like the first time you hold your child. I will be sending vibes of support and receiving vicarious joy and wonder during this great time. I hope you remember though that even great joy is stressful and exhausting so take care of yourself.

    Infant Joy

"I have no name:

I am but two days old."

What shall I call thee?

"I happy am,

Joy is my name."

Sweet joy befall thee!

Pretty joy!

Sweet joy, but two days old.

Sweet joy I call thee:

Thou dost smile, 

I sing the while,

Sweet joy befall thee!

                -- William Blake, 1794

Ten thousand flowers in the spring

a cool breeze in the summer

snow in the winter

When your mind isn't clouded

by unnecessary things

This is the best season of your life.

        --Wu Men

I don't have much in the way of advice since I'm childless, but I recently heard labor and birth described as spiritual transcendence interrupted by periods of human rights violations. Good luck, I wish you all the best!!

May the birth of your child be the first of many joyous days you have with your new baby. May she grow up strong and self-assured, knowing how lucky she is to have a mother like you.

Keeping you in my thoughts as the momentous day draws closer,

As is customary in a Blessingway, we provide ourselves some reminder to continue sending our good wishes and strength to you. Some of us are including affirmations in our .login files, which we see every time we log in. Some of us have put physical reminders near our computers so that you will be remembered many times each day, and good vibes will flow towards you like the stream of life.

Now, to close the ceremony, an ode to Faith.

When you have come to the edge

                of all the light you know

        And are about to step off

                Into the darkness of the unknown,

        Faith is knowing that

                One of two things will happen:

        There will be something solid to stand on

                Or you will be taught how to fly.

                                  - Patrick Overter

As a reminder of what you're capable of, someone hands you this beautiful watercolor of an eagle in all her strength.


                        \             / / 

                         \\\' ,      /




                              / >>  \\\`__/_

                             /,)-^>> _\` \\

                             (/   \\


                               ((` ((`

May your flight be empowering and affirming. When you start to hear yourself say, "I cannot do this any longer," know that the time of birth is very near and that your baby will soon be in your arms. Know that the strength of eons of foremothers flows through your veins, and you can do it. You *are* doing it.

Blessings on you all. We're with you in our hearts.

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