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Research Studies Supporting Safety of Vaginal Breech Delivery

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Numerous journal articles support the fact that mortality and morbidity rates remains unchanged for breech presentations whether delivered vaginally or by c-section. Dept of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Univ. of Chicago7/94 Title: Mode of delivery and perinatal results in breech presentations. Conclusion: The very poor perinatal outcomes in breeches are primarily related to factors other than breech presentation. Route of delivery for infants weighing > or= 1500 gm does not influence neonatal outcome; thus cesarean section solely for breech presentation in this subgroup does not appear to be justified.

University Medical Centre, Dept.of Obstetrics and gynecology, Ljubljana, Slovenia 5/94 Title: Cesarean section in breech by birth weight. Conclusion: The effect of abdominal delivery on newborn in breech are in many aspects poorer than in vaginal delivery. In our opinion the actual incidence(36%) of cesarean section could be decreased, especially in cases with expected birth weight over 1500 g.

Institution: Frauenklinik II, Klinikum Nurnberg Sud Title:Vaginal delivery in breech presentation does not increase early newborn morbidity. Results of 423 infants with breech presentations 1988-1992. May-Jun 1994 Conclusion: if certain personally and equipmently conditions are considered, vaginally delivery mode does not correlate to an increase of early neonatal morbidity.

I have about 30 abstracts from 1991 to date which support the fact that a cesarean section is not medically mandatory for a breech presentation and any problems that arise are from other factors.

One of the other factors is size of the baby. We are 12 days past due. Tomorrow we see our MD for a non-stress test and sonogram to help indicate the baby's size. Medicine can compliment a difficult situation and we are lucky to have a Dr. that believes so. We pray for the best.

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