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Declaration of the 1st International Symposium on Circumcision

  We recognize the inherent right of all human beings to an intact
  body. Without religious or racial prejudice, we affirm this
  basic human right.

  We recognize the foreskin, clitoris and labia are normal, functioning
  body parts.

  Parents and/or guardians do not have the right to consent to the
  surgical removal or modification of their children's normal genitalia.

  Physicians and other health-care providers have a responsibility to
  refuse to remove or mutilate normal body parts.

  The only persons who may consent to medically unnecessary procedures
  upon themselves are the individuals who have reached the
  age of consent(adulthood), and then only after being fully
  informed about the risks and benefits of the procedure.

  We categorically state that circumcision has unrecognized victims.

  In view of the serious physical and psychological consequences that we
  have witnessed in victims of circumcision, we hereby oppose the
  performance of a single additional unnecessary foreskin, clitoral, or
  labial amputation procedure.

  We oppose any further studies which involve the performance of
  the circumcision procedure upon unconsenting minors.  We support
  no further studies which involve identification of the effects
  of circumcision.

  Physicians an other health-care providers do have a responsibility to
  teach hygiene and the care of normal body parts and explain their
  normal anatomical and physiological development and function
  throughout life.

  We place the medical community on notice that it is being held
  accountable for misconstruing the scientific database available
  on human circumcision in the world today.

  Physicians who practice routine circumcisions are violating the
  first maxim of medical practice, "PRIMUM NON NOCERE," "First, Do
  No Harm," and anyone practicing genital mutilation is violating
  Article V of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

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