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10 positive things I learned from my c/s

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  1. I learned that my OB is not pro-VBAC
  2. I learned that I was grossly uninformed about childbirth
  3. I learned that I had more emotional pain from the c/s than I ever realized.
  4. I learned that, if given a chance, statistically I could have probably vaginally birthed my baby.
  5. I learned that it's ok to be outspoken, well-informed, and possibly rude, if that's what it takes to have my baby my way.
  6. I learned that I love my children no matter which way they came into this world. (That one goes without saying for all of us, I'm sure!)
  7. I learned that not all women "numb" the same when it comes to a spinal and surgery w/o total anesthetic is horrible.
  8. I learned that I must roll with the punches when it comes to childbirth, but that I must also throw some punches or I will get beaten down.
  9. I learned that I must have informed, knowledgeable, supportive persons at my side during childbirth/labor so that they can ask the questions I am in no state to answer.
  10. I learned that I don't have to sign a da*n thing the hospital wants to throw my way.

How about this list of 10 positive things your cesarean gave you?? I would love to hear some of the things on other peoples list if you are willing to share...

  1. I avoided an episiotomy.
  2. It made me learn about the benefits of natural birth.
  3. I am soooooo much more enlightened about birth now than I ever would have been if my hospital birth went ok.
  4. It made me breastfeed longer. (maybe?)
  5. It turned me from a mundane housewife into a radical weirdo.
  6. It made me more particular about my friends.

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