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Most women wonder what labor will be like and who will be there to provide physical and emotional support for her. In this pamphlet I will explore the various options available for the birthing women.


Nurses who work on a maternity ward are a special breed. They are specifically trained to take care of you in the best medical way possible. They receive their orders from your Dr. And have the knowledge it takes to assess you physically as you progress through labor. Their duties include assessing you when you come to the hospital doing such things as: During labor they may or may not provide emotional and physical support, it depends on the nurse that is assigned to you and or the duties that they must perform. A study was done that showed that even with one nurse to each patient, nurses were only able to spend 6% of their time providing support to the laboring mother. While you are in labor the nurse may have to: The time just before your baby is born is a very busy time for your nurse...she may have to: Immediately after the birth is another time when your nurse will have many things to do:


Midwives are wonderful people. Most do not use the medical model of care ( that birth is a medical process vs. Normal and natural)for birthing women. You should probably question your midwife as to how she works as some do go by the medical model of birth. They spend more time with you than a Dr does and just might be available to provide some labor support. But the midwife also has other duties that include but are not limited to:


Many partners want to be with the women they love during labor and be present during the birth of their baby. Since all men are different your baby's dad may: The presence of your baby's dad is encouraged as it will help immensely with the bonding of you all as a family. Dads need encouragement, advice, snack breaks, sleep etc. If dad can't or isn't willing to provide labor support and the nurse and midwife is too busy who will ...

........Enter the Doula

A doula is a woman trained in labor support, who knows that birth is an awesome, empowering experience for a birthing women and her partner, and wants very much for you to have the birth experience that YOU want. The doula can: In other words, a doula
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