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The Euphoria Tape

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THE EUPHORIA TAPE: A layman's Explanation of a Scientific Phenomena

“... the living body is the best pharmacy ever devised. It produces diuretics, pain killers, tranquilizers, sleeping pills, antibiotics, and indeed everything manufactured by the drug companies, but it makes them much, much better. The dosage is always right and given on time; side effects are minimal or non-existent; and the directions for using the drug are included in the drug itself, as part of its built-in intelligence.” — from the book “Quantum Healing” by Dr. Deepak Chopra.

THE EUPHORIA TAPE is a powerful, guided, self-hypnosis process with mesmer signals imbedded in the audio which consciously and subconsciously train a user to bring about an intense state of euphoria similar to that which is produced by marijuana, and even more enjoyable.

The effects of THE EUPHORIA TAPE

There are three basic properties that we will examine. We will then tie them all together so that you can understand exactly what the researchers have discovered.

A short story on the nature of hypnosis is probably the best place to start.

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy, at it's basis, is about words. The way we use them, what they represent, and how we react to words stored in our memory.

To be hypnotized or in the state of hypnosis is a very natural thing. It's something you do every day. The state of hypnosis is characterized by the conscious mind drifting off, becoming passive or otherwise occupied, and allowing the subconscious mind to rule how we express ourselves. Examples of this are daydreaming, and “zoning out” in front of the T.V.. Other less obvious times are when we use our imagination, being creative, during intense emotion or distress, during injury. In all of these situations the conscious or critical part of the mind has stopped analyzing information and the subconscious is in the forefront doing its thing.

The very first thing this tape will do, will be to guide you into the state of hypnosis and deep relaxation. Once in hypnosis we will harness the vast powers of the subconscious mind to produce the mind altering effects you are seeking. All the while, the mesmer signal is stroking the pleasure centers of your brain.

Next lets examine how drugs affect us the way they do.

When we inhale the smoke from a marijuana cigarette, we take into our bodies a host of chemical substances. The most important of which are the psychoactive chemicals. In the case of marijuana they are a group known as cannabinoids.

The type or class of chemical is really not important for the work we will do in hypnosis. What is important is how and why these chemicals have any effect at all.

If you were to inhale the smoke of straw or hay, the effects are not the same as with marijuana, even though many of the same chemicals are present. It is the active component of the smoke that causes the effect.

The alignment of the chemicals structure in three dimensions, is the secret to how the drugs work. That alignment fits exactly into a corresponding receptor site in the body. The over-used analogy is that of key and lock. The cannabis key opens the “feeling high” lock.

Receptor sites for psychoactive drugs are not just found in the brain. They are in many cells of the body. Perhaps all cells have them. For sure, all cells have the potential for these sites.

We now need to ask ourselves, "Why is it that the body has receptor sites that can only be unlocked by the cannabinoid keys?" The body is able to produce its own cannabinoid chemicals to activate the receptor sites for the benefit of the body/mind.

READ THAT AGAIN: The body is able to produce its own cannabinoid chemicals to activate the receptor sites for the benefit of the body/mind. This means you can produce any euphoric state if you just allow your body to generate those chemicals! And it really works.

I am sure you are aware of medical research that has found the chemicals called “endorphins”. Endorphins are the body's own rendition of that old time favorite, morphine.

Ask your self “What came first? Endorphins or morphine?” Morphine works because of the endorphin receptor. Surely the body and nature had no way of knowing that a derivative from the sap of the opium poppy would fit the endorphin receptor. The body evolved the receptor and the endorphins so that pain relief and that “happy” feeling can occur. It is in this same line of logic that we conclude that the body produces its own drug that is made for the same receptors that cannabinol uses. (Given the time, this would be an ideal place to ponder the “morality” of getting high. Since the body has developed the receptors to “get high”, there must be some evolutionary benefit from the capability.

Now, let's make the connection of hypnosis and getting high.

Endorphins are useful chemicals and very abundant when we are happy. It is one of the ways our happiness is communicated to the rest of our body. Endorphins stream through the entire body attaching to receptor sites all over the body. We go from thought, to the production of a chemical, to the message being spread to the body.

Recall that in hypnosis we are in touch with the subconscious and the autonomic nervous system. This is the heart of our emotions. This is the center for the transformation of thought into bio-chemicals. In hypnosis we no longer have the conscious mind hindering the free expression of thought and emotion.

During hypnotherapy very strong feelings can be expressed, from rage to bliss. Imagine the types of thought/chemical reactions going on.

If you are not to sure that just “thinking” can make the body produce chemicals, let's use the example of a nightmare. You wake up, your heart is pounding, breath is rapid, and you are sweating. Definitely the effects of some very powerful chemicals, but there was never any danger to your organism that
would provoke the release of these chemicals, just the thought of danger in your dream was enough. This is one concrete example of what we are accomplishing with hypnosis.

Now, without any effort, without the harmful side effects, and without the worry of criminal prosecution, you can enjoy the receptor sites you were born to use.


Since every individual's response to hypnosis is different, and I cannot be there to recognize and overcome your personal obstacles, there are a few things you need to know to get the maximum “kick” from EUPHORIA.

The most important is to relax and let it happen. If you try to figure out how the process works, you are activating the analytical conscious mind. We want the conscious mind to become passive and thinking just blows it.  Lie back and let your mind drift where it wants and allow your subconscious mind to do its perfect work.

Wear loose comfortable clothes, don't fold your arms or cross your legs. The body language of being loose and open is not lost on the subconscious mind.
Be in a place were you are not likely to be disturbed. This is especially important in the beginning, while you are training your response. With practice you will be able to produce the effects of EUPHORIA any time, any place. For now, however, find a nice quiet place.

Realize that your individual response may vary from the norm. You may be an instant Euphoria feeler, or you may need to practice to get the full effect. Keep in mind, the more you use your tape or the more times you induce the feelings of EUPHORIA the faster they come on you, with stronger results!!

What does it feel like?

To be hypnotized is nothing more than deep relaxation. It's kind of like the feeling you have just before falling off to sleep. You can hear the things around you but you're not quite there. As the suggestions for activating the bodies stoned feelings begin you should actually feel a physical feeling. It may feel like a wave of emotion rolling across you, your muscles may make some jerky movements, there may be a tingling sensation.

I can't predict what your exact reaction will be but you will be physically aware that something is happening. If you're still not sure about what is happening, then use this as a guide line. If you feel anything at all, even just the slightest buzz, you know its working. After all, you did not take any of the drug and there should be no reason to feel even the tiniest bit high. That can only mean that the tape and your mind/body can do what is promised. Now just overcome that obstacle in your mind ( that's the only place it can exist) that is keeping you from receiving the full effect.

In this edition of EUPHORIA the effects range from a mellow buzz to a nice high. Remember, like THC, EUPHORIA has a reverse tolerance type reaction. This means that the more you use it the more profound the effect.

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