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by Patricia Blomme
October 8, 2000

Father's Affirmation

I wonder. I wonder how she feels.
There is life in her. Life I can not see, except in her face when she looks at me.
She is beautiful! More beautiful than the day when I first fell in love with her.
Now she carries my child.
Our Child.
She is so strong.
She carries the strength of a millions of women before her.
She will need this strength.
I will be strong for her.
An unspoken strength that will protect her at her most vulnerable time.
I must trust her.
I must trust her body.
Just as she responded to my touch, she will respond to the life force with in her.
I must help her trust her body.
I will understand the special moments that she calls out to share.
I will take hold of the child before the birth has happened, before movement is ever felt.
I will cherish every time I feel the child move within her.
This is my first contact.
I will talk to this wonderful child of mine, ours.
I will talk so that my voice is known.
When our child opens his eyes, as soon as I quietly greet him.
He will know me.
I will stand by while my love accomplishes her labor of love.
She does this for me.
She has taken a vow to bring forth this child in health and vigor.
I must do the same.
I will support her in her hardest moments.
Doing all that she asks.
Without question.
I will trust her to know what she needs.
I know my love is experiencing the emotions of birth.
Though she calls out with the waves.
I will help her to surrender to them.
With surrender the body will open.
With surrender the pain is triumphed over.
With surrender,
The child is born.

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