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Undergarments for Relief of Back Pain and Vulvar Varicosities

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These are easy to read and understand and are beautifully presented.

An OB/GYN N.P., who was in my practice many years ago, told me about this company in Michigan. I have recommended their products for years with WONDERFUL results. My understanding is that the company was started by two women who wanted to make a difference.

They call their company PRENATAL CRADLE. They make a prenatal cradle for mothers to wear for abdominal support, to ease back pain.(I used to have to convince women to take them off when they went to sleep at night, because they enjoy wearing them so much.) They also make a VAGINAL SUPPORTER that offers relief of vaginal pressure and pain during pregnancy. (I have seen this supporter give a great deal of comfort to women suffering from vulvar varicosities.) It reminds me of the same principle as support stockings for legs only its for the vagina. The number at the company is 1-800-383-3068. (if you want flyers)

Over the years, I have seen a good number of women helped by their products. I don't personally know them and there is no kick back for me, just thought I'd pass along the information in case it might help someone.

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