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A Mother Summarizes Her Reasons for Declining Glucose Screen

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After doing some reading about the screening and chatting with my midwife, I'm pretty sure I'm *not* going to do the test. I haven't yet discussed my decision with my doctor (whom we're seeing in case our planned homebirth doesn't go as planned), so I don't yet know what she'll say. She's pretty non-interventionist herself (had all three of her children at home), but when I protested about the sugar test, she immediately offered me a pretty reasonable "carbo" diet as an alternative (rather than going into the possibility of my not doing the test at all). I posted a similar question as yours on the "attachment parenting" group (pgap), and was surprised more people weren't turning down the test. What follows is the response I gave someone on that group who wanted to know *why* I was not wanting to do it. This may be helpful to you since my reasons are based on research, not on a fear of needles. I would welcome any response from anyone since my mind is not *entirely* made up!

The reasons I'm considering *not* doing the test are:

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