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Herbal Information and Cautions

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I decided to post this to the list due to my extreme discomfort with the casualness with which people appear to be treating herbal remedies. I really want to emphasize, that although I DO believe that herbal remedies can be safe and effective, they DO need to be used with caution and under the supervision/advice of a trained herbalist/midwife.


Emmenagogues stimulate blood circulation to the pelvic area and uterus and help to stimulate menstruation:


They imitate oxytocin in the body to stimulate uterine contractions and release prostaglandin hormones. All oxytocic herbs are toxic to some degree. Women can experience very painful contractions. They are generally hard on the liver. Women with a history of liver disease such as hepatitis may wish to avoid them all together. As you can see, these are not benign. And, just as with ANY drug, they should be used with caution. Ask your midwife for advice or a referral to an herbalist before taking herbs of this nature.

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