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Prenatal Herbal/Homeopathic Preparation

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The information and recommendations contained in this are for reference and education only. They are not intended to replace medical diagnosis and care but to complement and inform in the area of holistic health. We urge anyone with symptoms and problems to consult qualified medical professionals.

[NOTE - Other holistic prenatal support includes massage, chiropractics, acupuncture/acupressure and hypnotherapy.]

Representative sampling of routine herbal preparation for birth.

UTERINE TONIC - throughout pregnancy

Magnetic Mama Pregnancy Tea contains red raspberry leaf, red clover, nettles and peppermint. Drink 2-3 cups per day.


Raspberry tincture - half-dropperful daily


Beginning in the last month of pregnancy, at 36 weeks, start taking Evening Primrose Oil orally - 1 500 mg. capsule in the morning, 1 at night. In addition, beginning at 38 weeks, two weeks before your due date, begin also to use the capsules as a vaginal suppository Insert the intact capsule as high as possible in the vagina, ideally tucked in behind the cervix, just before retiring for the night. The capsule will melt and the oil will be absorbed by the cervix and surrounding tissues. Start with one capsule each night for the first week, and then use two capsules in the last week before your due date and continue until labor begins. (Evening primrose oil contains gamma linoleic acid (GLA), which is a prostaglandin precursor. Some people say it helps soften the cervix.)

If you have a particular concern about your labor or birth, you might want to consider:

Nature's Way "PN-6" herbal capsules - starting in the last month, at 36 weeks, take one capsule daily for the first week, then add one capsule daily each week so that you're taking four capsules/daily in the last week before your due date.

Homeopathic remedies starting in last month of pregnancy: Starting at week 36, take Dolisos "Childbirth Combo" homeopathic, 3 tablets 3 times daily. Put them under your tongue and let them dissolve. Ideally, it's best to avoid caffeine completely while using homeopathics. Alternatively, avoid caffeine for 15 minutes before and 30 minutes after taking the tablets. Also, try to avoid anything with a strong mint flavoring - toothpaste, candy or tea - and any very strong spices. (Nutritional Formulas "Matrigin" is a similar complex. If possible, it is probably best to work with a skilled homeopath who can recommend remedies that are best suited to your individual needs. However, this approach is more accessible for many people.)   [ Dolisos "Childbirth Combo" never got beyond the experimental stage.  Alas.]


IMPORTANT - Goldenseal should be avoided except in the last three weeks of pregnancy as it can cause uterine contractions and premature labor.

Starting at 36 weeks, begin a program of prophylactic herbal immune support to prevent problems with infection. Immune Awake for Adults tincture (echinacea, garlic, cayenne) - half-dropperful daily, not at same time as homeopathics OR Nature's Way "Echinacea with Ester-C" capsules - as directed. 

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