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Homebirth Supplies

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Birth kit from Cascade:
infant cap
4 4x4 gauze pads
2 oz bulb syringe
peri bottle
1/2 0z weleda arnica oil ( I pour this in the massage oil to help with
swelling and          
                                     bruising )
Wish Garden peri massage oil
1 plastic clamp
12  med single sterile gloves
keepsake birth certificate ( although I would like to replace this with a
                             handmade water color certificate as a gift for
                             my clients.)
15 23x36 blue chux
2 flexible straws
vinyl sheet 96x120          ( I have them make bed with both sheets put on
                              plastic then make bed again with another set
                              of sheets. I use chux for the birth so the
                              plastic is for -just in case-)
wish garden sitz bath
echinacea tincture              ( as a preventative)
This is the supplies handout I use: Supplies List

These items are necessary and considered part of your birthing supplies. They should be gathered and labeled before your home visit.

Birth 4 old towels 4 washcloths Flashlight with new batteries 2 bowls - one for the placenta and one to vomit in Crockpot ( if you have one ) and an extension cord Box of white kleenex Plastic trash bag Honey and a spoon ( a small honey bear works well) Unopened non-citrus juice ( white grape juice is good)

After Birth Box of Kotex Overnight pads Isopropyl Alcohol Cotton balls and swabs Hydrogen Peroxide (for blood clean up on your carpet if necessary) Underpants for mom and a gown she can nurse in, if desired Food for a hungry family and birth team

Baby Socks Infant hat Diaper and pins 4 receiving blankets Outfit for baby if desired Wash cloth or baby wipes

These items are needed in addition to your birth kit items. Please gather these things and put them into three labeled paper bags (except the crockpot).

You may also consider fresh flowers, an audio cassette recorder, video or photographs, candles, or some soothing music you enjoy.

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