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Homebirth Family Compares Experiences with other Bradley Couples

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There were 3 other couples in our Bradley class. We are glad we did not have the same experiences they did. Don't get me wrong, I don't think they had a BAD experience, I'm just glad we did not have to deal with the issues they did.

One had a daughter that was "Not breathing right", they cut the cord and she was taken away to give her O2 and treat her for a while.

Another one hit transition and pushed for hours before an episiotomy and a vac extraction.

The other one was in transition at 6 PM and the birth assistant went and stayed with them at home for 3 hrs before they went in to the hospital. She got there, was checked, pronounced dilated to a 3 and broke down, it about killed her. she delivered about 8 hrs later.

All had to deal with fighting the medical establishment for the birth they wanted.

Most of these things would never even warrant comment, none would even be considered for a horror story, but even they show a huge contrast with our experience. We have absolutely no reason to complain and even the hardest times had high points.

My wife was only surly for 45 minutes, down right ornery for 10 minutes, pushed for maybe 30 seconds and got no damage from it. The midwives were amazed, and not just because of the rapid pushing. One said "Her bottom" was in the best condition she had ever seen and she would not believe she had just delivered a baby if she had not been there. Who could ask for more?

The whole experience was incredible! The actual delivery was unexpected and I was so intent on getting her turned over and telling her to stop pushing I kind of missed it even though I was right there and saw as much as anybody.

I probably looked pretty dopey while my brain switched gears.

I think you BOTH will get a lot out of homebirth and it will bring you closer together.

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