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A Doula's Intentions for a Birth

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May your birth journey be perfect for you, unborn child.  May the journey be perfect for you, mother, father and family.  For each, may the best outcome happen for your life path and for the contributions you will make to this family and our world.

Little one, may you come into this world perfectly healthy and gently welcomed by your family, care providers and me when the time is perfect to do so.

Mother, may you be perfectly healthy, labor productively, easily and confidently.  Mother and child, may your bodies, minds and spirits work together as a perfect birth team.  Father/partner, may you be perfect in providing the nurturing, support, love and protection needed by your wife and child.

Baby, may you find the optimal way out of the womb through the birth canal. May you be born at a time and place that I am able to attend to you and your family.  May I be fully rested and present for your birth.  May you, unborn children, arrange it among yourselves that this will be so.  May you be born during the afternoon after a normal, straight-forward labor of 8 hours or less.

May each involved in the births of these children, be guided in heart, thought, action and in all ways by the divine love of God.  May we be perfectly tuned into the communication of you, unborn child, and your family.  May your careproviders and I provide the perfect support and service to each of you and be fully collaborative with one another.  May we all work as one, guided by Godís love and in perfect harmony with universal laws.

May this or something better come to pass.  Gratefully, so be it.

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