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Kansas Court Proclaims DEMs Legal

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Today, March 15, 1996, the KS Supreme Court made their ruling to uphold the decision of the District Court Judge Hart to lift the Temporary Restraining Order from Michelle Ruebke. Every point Judge Hart made in his ruling was upheld - except that the Supreme Court ruled that the KS law is NOT vague.....which actually goes on our favor, because it sends the message that the KS law as it is will permit independent direct-entry midwifery.

The Supreme Court ruling is just a "preliminary" action though - since all this was over the lifting of the TRO. The "real charges" have not been tried in court yet. But it is hard to see how the State (which is the State Board of Healing Arts with the State Board of Nursing) could have much clout left to argue anything after this issue has already been to the State Supreme Court. In my opinion, the state already laid their cards on the table & came up short.

We don't know at this time what their next move might be, BUT TODAY WE CELEBRATE & ARE ABUNDANTLY JOYFUL !!!!!

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