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Tips on Writing Letters of Advocacy

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I don't have a letter already composed to share, but I have written several (handwritten small ones to governmental officials in Illinois). So I have some ideas on how best to compose a letter. I'd like to offer them up in the form of an outline.

  1. Introduction
    1. Greeting and personal introduction
    2. Say that you appreciate the teacher's concern
    3. In response to that concern, you'd like to address the accuracy of the information she's giving the kids.
  2. Stats of homebirth safety
    1. Journal articles references
      1. recent BMJ that HIGHLIGHTED Homebirth
      2. recent Lancet editorial and article that showed that home birthmidwives need NOT be closely supervised by md's. [There is some great safety info and links to those two medical journal on-line. You can reach them at Safety of Homebirth]
    2. Stats from Europe
      1. Europe contains the countries with the LOWEST (best) infant and maternal mortality rates, and MIDWIVES are the primary caregivers for approx. 70% of all pregnant women
      2. Many women (especially in the Netherlands) have home births, and that in almost every country WITH BETTER BIRTH OUTCOMES THAN THE U.S. women are legally allowed to, if not encouraged, to have homebirths
      3. OB's in Europe are generally only consulted for medical problems or occasionally during a birth (and often then the midwives still delivers the baby and the ob is just on standby.
        1. OB's are used so infrequently in most parts of Europe that they are hospital based and do NOT have busy offices filled with healthy women. [see this web page for an article by Marsden Wagner to reference the above Maternal Mortality in the U.S.: Where are the Doctors? ]
    3. Contrast now with the stats from the U.S. and maybe your state if you are particularly low-ranked (Illinois is 47th in the U.S for infant mortality)
    4. Quote Marsden Wagner and give his credentials [see this web page for his credentials, an excellent quote and some more on his writings Witch hunt or not? You decide ... ]
  3. Unnecessary routine procedures during labor are so bad for mom and baby and PROBABLY LEAD TO HORRIBLE BIRTH OUTCOMES [see this web page for for a detailed outline with links to references that would take ages to type out, but you can cut and paste anything you like from it Medical interventions that can impede progression of natural spontaneous labor You'll probably want to change the order, though to read more like: lack of prenatal nutritional education, efm, unnecessary dilation checks, arom, pitocin, epidural, lithotomy position, coached forced pushing, episiotomy]
  4. Unnecessary routine newborn procedures and why they are HORRIBLE FOR THE BABY AND MOTHER [see this web page for for a detailed outline with links to references that outlines many newborn procedures and link to reverences Response to Dr. Sprang (under Sprang's first listed quote "homebirth is the earliest form of child abuse" )]
  5. Conclude with your personal story (short version) and an invitation to contact you with any questions.

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