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NATURAL Progesterone and Women's Health

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        "The Day the Earth Stood Still"
     NATURAL  Progesterone and Women's Health
             (Brent Rooney)
If a new supplement reduced the risk of heart attack (from excess blood clotting), breast cancer risk, and reversed (about 4% per year) osteoporosis, would it interest you? And in addition it was a natural antidepressant, helped "burn" fat, improves thyroid hormone action, and restores libido. According to Dr. John R. Lee NATURAL Progesterone does all this and more. It is extremely safe and the price (roughly $1/day) is reasonable for the benefits obtained. Please note that NATURAL Progesterone is NOT chemically the same as synthetic versions that have bad side-effects. In his very well documented book (NATURAL PROGESTERONE - The Multiple Roles of a Remarkable Hormone) Dr. Lee explores NATURAL Progesterone's history, its healing role for many ailments, how it 'compensates' for the unwanted side-effects of estrogen, and how to use it. The general reader may want to skip over chapters targeted at doctors and scientists that explore chemistry. Any more benefits? Dr. Zoltan Rona (Return to the Joy of health) says that natural progesterone is also helpful for PMS and fibromyalgia. The particular product Dr. Lee (now retired) recommended to his patients was Pro-Gest (a cream in a 2 ounce jar). Says Dr. Lee (p. 70), "I recommend using the largest possible areas of relatively thin skin, rotating among various skin sites daily for maximum absorption. Skin sites recommended are the inner aspects of the arms and thighs, the face and neck, the upper chest, and the abdomen." Although the safety of NATURAL Progesterone is high, it is best to first consult your doctor before using it; you might lend him/her a copy of Dr. Lee's book (BLL Publishing, P.O. Box #2068, Sebastopol, Calif., 95474; $12 U.S.). A 2 ounce jar of the cream should be used up in about 1 month; some producers of cream products advocate that the cream be used for 3 weeks followed by 1 week 'off'. Useful for fertility problems? Dr. Rona wrote me the following, "Progesterone must be used in very high doses to prevent pregnancy. In the usual dosages recommended for PMS, fibrocystic breast disease, endometriosis, infertility etc. (a 2 ounce jar of the cream per month) it actually enhances fertility."

But what about "The Day the Earth Stood Still"? It was a science fiction movie of the 1950s. For some of us that is the effect of the reading the FACTS of Estrogen vs. NATURAL Progesterone (chart on page 41 of Lee's book):

Estrogen effects                      NATURAL Progesterone  effects

creates proliferative endometrium     maintains secretory endometrium
breast stimulation                    protects against breast fibrocysts
increased body fat                    helps use fat for energy
salt and fluid retention              natural diuretic
depression and headaches              natural antidepressant
interferes with thyroid hormone       facilitates thyroid hormone action

increased blood clotting              normalizes blood clotting
decreases libido                      restores libido
impairs blood sugar control           normalizes blood sugar levels
loss of zinc and retention of copper  normalizes zinc and copper levels
reduced oxygen levels in all cells    restores proper cell oxygen levels
increased risk of endometrial cancer  prevents endometrial cancer
increased risk of breast cancer       helps prevent breast cancer
slightly restrains osteoclast function   stimulates osteoblast bone building
reduces vascular tone                 necessary for survival of embryo
                                      precursor of corticosterone production

(Right to reprint above chart granted by permission of John R. Lee, MD)
Recommended Reading:

NATURAL PROGESTERONE The Multiple Roles of a Remarkable Hormone, Dr. John R. Lee

Hormone Replacement Therapy: Yes of No (Betty Kamen)

Return to the Joy of health, Dr. Zoltan Rona, Jeanne Marie Martin, (alive publishing)


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December 17, 1996
Brent Rooney

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