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New Umbilical Clamp And Cutter Invention (Veridien 1997)

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ST. PETERSBURG, Fla.--(BW HealthWire)--April 21, 1997--Veridien Corp. (Bulletin Board:VERD) announced Monday that it has received a 510(k) FDA approval for its umbilical clamp and cutter invention.

Veridien intends to review offers by medical device manufacturers to buy the rights or joint venture the marketing and distribution to the healthcare industry, namely hospitals, birthing facilities and clinics. The umbilical clamp and cutter simultaneously cuts and clamps off the umbilical cord following birth, the only device currently available that severs in a one-step process.

The innovative surgical device was designed as a birthing tool to protect the healthcare practitioners from unnecessary exposure to bloodborne pathogens such as HIV (associated with AIDS), Polio and Hepatitis, viruses that are commonly found in a delivery room/operating environment. The pre-sterilized umbilical clamp and cutter is user friendly and is intended to clamp the umbilical cord approximately three quarters of an inch from the newborn while simultaneously clamping the cord on the placental side. The disposable cutter constricts the cord in both places to prevent loss of blood and body fluids, severing it in one simple motion while the clamp attached to the cord closest to the baby remains in place for 48 to 78 hours until dry. The ready-to-use device comes pre-loaded with commercially procured clamping clips. It will be available in a reusable format which may be sterilized over and over again or in a disposable model. Both safe and rapid, this innovation reduces clean up time as there is no blood loss from the severance operation.

Paul L. Simmons, Veridien Corp.'s Director of Research and inventor of the umbilical clamp and cutter said that he is confident that the device will be successful as practitioners have realized the need for such an invention. He also noted that the invention "is the first in a series of three devices that has been developed in Veridien's labs. The other two inventions, a syringe retractor and a dental hand piece/medical scope sterilizer are in various stages of the FDA submission process and are also designed to diversify our Infection Control Product Line to fill the needs of healthcare professionals."

Based in St. Petersburg, Veridien Corp. is a manufacturer and distributor of a line of infection control products including VIRAHOL(r), a patented, EPA registered biodegradable, and non-toxic, by OSHA standards, disinfectant. For additional technical information, please call Veridien Corp. at 813/572-5500.

Carl Lavoie, Investor Relations Dept.

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