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New Treatment for Genital Warts

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From: C-upi@clari.net (UPI)
Organization: Copyright 1997 by United Press International
Date: Wed, 30 Apr 1997 1:03:04 PDT
NEW TREATMENT FOR GENITAL WARTS: A new treatment is on the way for genital warts, which afflict about 2.5 million men and women in the United States alone. Dr. Eugene Basiliere of the South Bay Women's Health Group in San Diego, reports encouraging results from an injectable gel spiked with a drug used in cancer treatment. The gel contains the drug fluorouracil, nicknamed 5-FU, plus epinephrine to constrict blood vessels. It cleared all the warts in 61 percent of the 270 patients in tests and brought partial relief to the remainder of patients. In the test group, the average warts measured two inches (5 mm) square. Some of the patients had had their warts as long as 10 years, and some had up to 19 warts. Matrix Pharmaceuticals of Fremont, Calif., is funding development of the treatment.

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