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Notes from Penny Simkin's Video

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I just finished watching a video of Penny Simkin's 2/95 presentation on "When Survivors Give Birth" which is now a book co-authored with Phyllis Klaus and am psyched to share some very good tips with y'all.

I thought these were some great tips for any doula to better serve a client (or answer for yourself why you reacted this way) who is a survivor of abuse.

Signs she was abused:

Remember her partner may be a survivor himself

Some suggestions to doulas from Penny's talk:

Good questions to ask a client at an initial intake evaluation: Validate what she is experiencing through reflective listening and provide support and referrals as needed.

Listening to your clients: Find out where the client is and take her to where she wants to go.

Teach clients "I messages" to effectively communicate with the staff her wishes, needs, fears, issues, etc. (also great for everyday communication!). This opens up effective problem solving for them with their caregivers instead of getting off to a wrong start.

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