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About Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS)

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Here's a list of my favorite references and resources. Having a Bibliography or reference list is nice. The following are some resources I've found helpful in understanding hormone replacement therapy, and the importance of women's involvement in their own health care. They seem informative and are very readable.

Below are some mail order sources for hormone replacement information. All will send you an introductory packet of very helpful information. Might also be sources for providers in your area who will prescribe natural hormones.
Nonprescription Sources

Pro-Gest Body Cream


Prescription Only (lots of good information)

Bajamar Women's HealthCare


(have sublingual natural progesterone)

Women's International Pharmacy

For women who truly have PMS, I recommend a combination from Nature's Sunshine called Monthly Maintenance. It is taken at the critical time in the cycle and for the women who are taking it, it is a wonder treatment.

My current, basic protocol is nutritional support (with the also attached "anti-estrogenic diet") in the form of NF Formulas Women's Formula full dose; Evening Primrose oil - 2 caps 2x/day, and either of 2 hormone balancing herbal formulas - one with primarily anti anxiety herbs, for the really irritable lady, and the other a more actively balancing formula with most of the herbs listed below (also from NF called Spectra 305-P) If that's not enough, I will have them cleanse the liver using a lipotrophic formula like NF's SLF plus and a liver cleanse in the fall or spring, and add the progesterone type cream, and/or look at other problems that might slow down the response.


Cyclic recurrence during luteal phase (dy 14-28) of menstrual cycle of a combination of distressing physical, psychological or behavioral changes that interfere with familial, social or work activities Approx 20% of women in fertile age; esp. in women 25-45yo.


Classification (by subgroups):
PMS-A - Anxiety                         65-75%

     Nervous tension, mood swings, irritability

     High estrogen, low progesterone; incr serotonin (need B6)

PMS-C - Cravings                   24-35%

     HA, craves sweets, incr appetite, heart pounds, fatigue,

       dizziness or faintness

     Low prostaglandin; altered glucose metab curve 2nd 1/2 cycle

PMS-D - Depression                 23-37%

     Forgetfulness, crying, confusion, insomnia

     Low serum estrogen, high progest; incr breakdown seroto.

PMS-H - Water-related symptoms               65-72%

     Wt gain, swelling, breast tenderness, bloating

     Aldosterone incr poss. due to stress, stim of adrenals
Women with PMS consume: as well as less vitamin and mineral supplements.
*Social: Local congestion due to the "closing off" of the pelvic

     region induced by negative attitudes and fear regarding

     menstruation and sexuality in our society.

*Education, counseling, support

*Exercise - increases progesterone as well as metab of estrogen

*Diet - anti-estrogenic, emph reduction or elimination of sat'd

animal fats, alcohol, caffeine and other methylxanthines,

salt  (3dy a menses) and stress

*Optimal nutrition through supp of B6 (50mg qid x 3 cycles (or

     50mg bid pyridoxal-5-phosphate), Vit C, E, Zn,

     Mg 400mg qd, and Niacin

*Increase estr binding in gut with good fiber; lipotrophic fc to


*Balance oils, incr fish, or BCO, or Evening Primrose oil, 2 bid

*Phytoestrogens and progesterones as indicated; esp Progest cream

+ consider Chamaelirium, Viburnum, Bromelain, Silybum, Rubus,

     Angelica s, Dioscorea

*Sitz baths to promote blood flow in the area


specific protocol used by one of my clinic docs

1) Phytoestrogens: Vitex, Medicago, Glycerrhiza, Valerian 4:2:2:1

3x/day (others: Trigonella, Trillium, Angelica sp, ie, Dong quai)

2) BCO: 1 3x/day 1st 1/2 cycle; 2 3x/day 2nd 1/2 cycle

3) B-6: 200mg/day     "  "    ; 400mg/dy     "     "

4) Mg++: 600mg/dy   "   "   ; 900mg/dy    "     "
Anti-Estrogenic Diet/ Hormonal Balancing

In certain problems such as fibrocystic disease, premenstrual syndrome, fibroids, ovarian cysts and some others, an imbalance in estrogen, prolactin, adrenal and thyroid hormones has been implicated. The potentially detrimental estrogen fractions estradiol and estrone are converted by the liver into estriol, decreasing the activity of the former two. This process depends upon the ability of the liver to perform its function, as well as good adrenal function. In addition, estrogen and thyroid are thought to have antagonistic effects. The purpose of this diet is to support the liver in its conjugation role, to reduce sources of exogenous estrogen, and to support the adrenal and thyroid glands.

The amount of hormone in the body is a balance between what comes in, what is created in the body and what is excreted. Estrogen is given to cows to make them make milk, so it is high in dairy, especially cheese, and also in chicken meat, where it is used to "plump" them. Thus, when we eat these we get estrogens that are not controlled by our body systems. Hormones are made from cholesterol from our diet or made by the liver. Excess intake can enhance formation (precursors can "push" the reaction) of hormones, leading, I believe, to imbalance. Finally, the liver can be a bit "congested" and slow at the breakdown and excretion processes, so we enhance this function with some nutritional suggestions to try and achieve a cleaner balance of hormones!


Vitamin Regime: Consider Vitamin C, E, B-complex, B-6, Folic acid, Bioflavonoids, Zinc, Selenium, Iodine, Lecithin, Yeast, Kelp.

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