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Sample Order for Durable Medical Equipment for Birthing Tub

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Order for Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

Recommended for: ________Client’s Full Name
Due Date:  _XX/YY/ZZ_  DME ordered for: _ XX/YY/ZZ _ to _ XX/YY/ZZ
I recommend the use of an AquaDoula birthing tub during labor in order to provide pain relief and to facilitate an easier and safer birth. [See footnotes.]
You may arrange to rent a birthing tub from a national rental agency – rental packages cost about $375.00, depending on shipping costs.  See: aquadoula.com or aqua-eez.com for details of their rental programs.
Or you may arrange to rent an AquaDoula birthing tub with Deluxe Accessories Kit at a discounted price of $250.00 from my office.  [See http: for full details of tub rental.]

Pickup Date: _XX/YY/ZZ
Charge: _$250.00


The AquaDoula birthing tub is manufactured by Tubs To Go! / AquaDoula, 3101-111th St. SW, Bay N, Everett, WA  98204, 425-348-6729, fax: 425-348-5009,
e-mail: waterbirth@aquadoula.com  The purchase price is $1195.

This DME is not custom made.

Veronica G. Falcao, LM MS
Eternity in Bloom – Birthing Tub Rentals - (EIN) ??-???????

1) Blood pressure can be reduced within minutes by immersion in warm water.  (Rosenthal M. - Water immersion in labor and birth.  Female Patient 1991; 16:35-47)
2) Warm water immersion has been shown to decrease edema and increase diuresis (Katz V., Ryder R., Cefalo R., Carmichael W., Goolsby R. A comparison of bedrest and immersion for treating the edema of pregnancy.  (Odent M. Birth Reborn New York: Pantheon Books, 1984:45-6)
3) Reports reveal that when women float and move freely in a birth pool, their need is reduced for drugs to stimulate uterine activity and for pain relief (and hence the risks of anesthesia); they are less likely to have a bad tear or episiotomy, the rates of intact perinaeum are increased and fewer forceps deliveries and cesarean sections are performed.  (Kitzinger S., Letter from England: Is waterbirth dangerous.  Birth 1995 22:3 172-3)

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