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What You Get For Your Money

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I was thinking about what people mean when they compare how much midwives charge with how much local doctors are charging.  I think you're comparing apples and oranges!

The bottom line is that most OBs spend about 3 hours face-to-face with each birthing woman, total, including all prenatal appointments, time at the birth, and the single postpartum visit.  They don't provide any care for the baby at all, and they certainly don't provide any help with breastfeeding!

Also, their fee is just that . . . their fee.  It doesn't cover any facilities fees, i.e. hospital or birth center charges, the services of the nurses or the janitorial staff!

For example, I pay a base of $3200 (herbs and such are extra, as are prescriptions and lab fees).  For that I get:

*  Services of a Licensed Midwife
        On call 24 hours, every day
        CNM and MD back up
        Hospital birth option; friendly hospital transfer if needed

*  Services of at least two of her assistants
        Available for support and non-clinical care

*  Birth center facilities for prenatal care
        Lab work done on premises
        Ultrasound done on premises, if warranted/requested
        NST on premises and available if warranted
        Referrals to childbirth educators, doulas, other complementary pros
        Specialized out of hospital birth prep class
        Personalized birth plan conference / birth kit

*  Educational materials
        Lending library
        Video library

*  Heath/Wellness counseling
        Herbal supplements
        Vitamin/mineral supplements
        Nutritional counseling
        Rx meds if necessary

*  Birth attendance
        Complete labor attendance, up to four hours postpartum (or as needed)
        Home or phone visit for immediate postpartum care
        Placenta disposal if desired
        1 week check up
        3 week check up
        6 week check up
        3 month check up / Pap smear if needed/desired

*  Newborn care
        Physical assessment at birth, ped consult if needed
        Vitamin K administration if warranted/desired
        Erythromycin administration if warranted/desired
        Cord blood retrieval if desired
        PKU sampling if warranted/desired
        Check ups with mom's visit to discuss any concerns (most moms have peds)

I'm sure there is more, but this is what I could rattle off the top of my head.

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