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Informed Consent for VBAC

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Since we talked about consent form for home VBAC several weeks ago, I decided to go ahead and write one for my practice. This is my working draft so far - comments are welcome, as is copying for your own use, if you wish.

Consent for Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Section At Home

1. I have had one or more previous cesarean sections (C/S), have records documenting a lower uterine segment incision, and desire a vaginal birth after C/S at home with my current pregnancy.

2. I have been informed of the following most recent (1994) guidelines from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), which state that:

3. My midwife has informed me regarding:

A) The relative risks of VBAC:

B) The relative benefits of VBAC: I understand that, in the case of a complete uterine rupture, adverse consequences can be catastrophic in a matter of minutes. By choosing to have a VBAC outside of the hospital setting, I realize that I may not be diagnosed as quickly as having a potential rupture and that I may not receive emergency treatment and/or surgery as quickly as I would if I were having my baby inside of the hospital. It is possible that loss of time in transfer could be harmful or even fatal to myself and/or my baby.

4. After considering the above information, I believe that the benefits of VBAC at home outweigh the risks in my situation, and I choose to seek care with [midwife], [credentials], of [Business Name] and pursue a VBAC at home rather than in the hospital.
_____________________________________ ______________________________________

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