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Moderate Doses of Vitamin A OK in Pregnancy

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From: C-reuters@clari.net (Reuters)
Subject: No higher birth defect risk from vitamin A -study
Organization: Copyright 1997 by Reuters
Date: Tue, 22 Jul 1997 9:02:09 PDT
WASHINGTON (Reuter) - Pregnant women who take moderate doses of vitamin A do not increase their risk of bearing a child with birth defects, U.S. scientists reported Tuesday.

Researchers had feared that women who take large doses of vitamin A during pregnancy, in the form of pills and by eating fortified cereal, might raise the chance of birth defects. But a study conducted by the federal National Institute of Child Health and Human Development found this was not the case.

Even for women who take up to triple the U.S. recommended daily allowance for vitamin A -- 2,670 International Units -- the risk does not appear to increase, researchers said.

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