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Abstract about Cleaning Waterbirth Tubs and Infection Rates

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St. Luke's Hospital in Denver Colorado elected in 1985 to incorporate jet hydrotherapy (whirlpool baths) on it's obstetrical unit. I have a reprint of an article credited to Kathleen Aderhold, CNM, MS from MCN (Maternal Child Nursing) Vol. 16 March/April 1991. pg97--99. The unit made "jet hydrotherapy available to women during both labor and the postpartum period." They had no unanticipated underwater births; the mothers were helped out of the tub if 2nd stage seemed imminent. Also "ruptured membranes alone are not a reason to restrict use of the tub. When membranes are not intact, the appropriateness of using the tub is for health care providers to discern; this policy of ours has not resulted in an increased incidence of infection." [ I note the reference in both articles to ruptured membranes just because it seems to be an cause for concern among some practitioners ]....

Now.. Cleaning and disinfecting....[pg99] "Nursing staff clean the whirlpool tub after each use. First, the emptied tub is refilled until the jets are covered. then one cup of Clorox bleach is added and the jets are turned on. water is circulated through the plumbing for several minutes. The tub is then drained, and the surface cleaned with a nonabrasive cleanser. Finally, the tub is rinsed thoroughly and labeled "clean"."

I believe the article mentions frequent testing and culture of the tub to be certain of cleanliness.

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