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Wishgarden Herbal Labor Formulas Explained

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by Tara M. Bloom

For thousands of years, midwives have counted on herbs to help with labor and birth. Whether you want to calm an anxious mama, give her a boost of energy, or provide a helping hand when she's overwhelmed, Cascade HealthCare Products has a natural, herbal aid to assist you. I talked with Catherine Hunziker, owner of Wishgarden Herbs, to clarify the difference between several Wishgarden labor tinctures that Cascade carries. The following information should help you select and use these products with confidence.

B&B Labor Formula contains oxytocic emmenagogues see Glossary side bar) Blue and Black Cohosh and strong nervines Lobelia, Scullcap and Blue Vervain. Wishgarden dubs this formula the ďtraditional midwives assistant for reluctant contractions.Ē Itís an ideal choice when mothers are not going into labor or not progressing because they are too anxious. It is most useful around 3-4 cm dilation.

Labor Enhancer Formula is designed for the woman who is not progressing or not going into labor because she lacks sufficient energy. Where the cervix has been slow to dilate and efface as a result of lethargy or fatigue, this tincture can be an effective aid. A stimulating blend of oxytocic emmenagogues Bethroot, Blue Cohosh, and Ginger bring on contractions and boost energy. Labor Enhancer Formula also contains Gelsemium, a sphincter relaxant, to encourage cervical effacement and dilation. Because of Gelsemiumís potential toxicity this blend must be used with caution, and is recommended for practitioners only As with the B&B formula,
it most effective around 3-4 cm dilation.

Smooth Transitions Labor Aid Formula contains gentle, effective nervines that help mothers get through the overwhelming intensity of transition. The Oatseed, Scullcap, and Motherwort triad helps people come into their center, particularly when under extreme duress (itís a great stress reliever outside of labor, too). Smooth Transitions is a non-toxic, non-sedating blend that can be used at any point during labor.

Centered Mama Nervine Formula combines strong sedating herbs Lobelia, Wild Lettuce, and Valerian to help mothers relax and concentrate on their birthing visualizations. It is most useful when a mother is stuck between early labor and hard labor (about 3-4 cm).

As with all herbs, follow the recommended dosage instructions printed on the bottles. If you are unsure of the herbsí applications or contraindications, consult an experienced herbalist or naturopath for advice.

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