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"Getting Clear" Questionnaire

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I've had lots of requests to share what we call our "Getting Clear" questionnaire. Since I didn't make this I was hesitant to share it, but I asked my partner for permission and she said, "Sure, but tell them it was developed over 10 years ago and could probably be updated." She also asked that you call it something else if you use it. She and her senior midwife came up with these questions in the early days of their practice, and have been using them ever since.

They really do provide a good starting place for talking about some key issues. When I hand this out (sometime in middle pregnancy) I usually ask the client to take it home, talk it over with her partner, and bring it back to her next visit. I always say something like, "Some people write us a book; others just fill out a few words for each question--do whatever seems right for you. This will just help us make sure we really understand what it is you want at your birth."

The answers we get are enlightening. I usually read the answers and talk them over with the client when she returns them, asking for clarification, discussing fears, etc. It's a big red flag if they drag their feet about doing this exercise and continually don't bring it back. So, let me know what you think, if you use it, other ideas for things you might include...

The following questions are designed to clarify your expectations and inner feelings about the birth of your child. Do not answer in a hurry. Both mother and father should thoughtfully consider each issue. clear and honest responses will help all of us, the birthing team, to work toward the birth experience of YOUR design.

Why are you planning a homebirth?

What do you consider your _own_ responsibilities?
during pregnancy?
at the birth?

What do you expect of the midwives?

How will you deal with criticism of your decision to deliver at home?

Have you considered the possibilities of death, birth defects? What are your feelings?

What are your fears regarding birth?

What is your dream? How do you visualize the birthing? (Often mothers and fathers differ in their imaginings about the birth; talk this one over, please.)

Do you have any particular requests or plans to be carried out during labor and/or delivery? -- religious traditions, Leboyer bath, music, etc?

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