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Pineapple for Cervical Ripening

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[ NOTE - The helpful enzyme in pineapple, bromelaine, is destroyed by heat, which is typically generated by processing, such as canning or juicing.  In order to receive all the benefits of pineapple, eat fresh pineapple.]

I did a little research into the possible effects of eating pineapple on ripening the cervix.  There seems to be general agreement that pineapple and its bromelain components do have a fibrolytic action, perhaps helping to soften the connective tissue of the cervix?  However, there is conflicting information about the effects on prostaglandins; most sources indicate that it inhibits prostaglandin activity, acting as an anti-inflammatory.  Then again, some research indicates that it stimulates the production of PGE1.

Unfortunately, most of the research on pineapple/bromelain is from a few years ago and not available online.  Please e-mail any additional information or insights to share.

Eat lots of pineapple once you get close to the due date.

Apparently, pineapple contains bromelaine, which is a fairly potent enzyme used by naturopathic medicine types for anti-inflammatory
kinds of effects. The German sports medicine types advocate bromelaine with some other enzymes somewhat routinely following soft tissue injury and there is some data to suggest this decreases healing time.

As I understand it, very lay terms, now, the bromelaine helps to decrease the walling off of inflammation by somehow digesting it, therefore
making injured tissue more available to natural healing properties within the body.

Inflammation is set into motion immediately at the site of injury. There is a negative pressure which causes the healing components of the
immune system to congregate there for quicker healing. It's similar to the fact that a slightly elevated fever helps the immune system work
better. When we attempt to reduce swelling, we are telling the immune components to go away. Maybe there is some other explanation for
bromelaine's healing effects?

Bromelain - Bromelain is a protein-digesting enzyme found in pineapple. It reduces inflammation and swelling.

Maybe it helps to soften the cervix by digesting the protein of the connective tissue?

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If you have copies of these article, I would be very grateful if you could summarize or please send along the abstract.  Thank you!

Bromelain helps to inhibit pro-inflammatory compounds, similar to non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs reducing swelling & pain without
side effects. And unlike aspirin, bromelain doesn't inhibit the production of prostaglandins which can have undesirable side effects.


I read this about eating Pineapple so that night I went out and got some. My cervix wasn't soft before then...well I went to the doctors for my checkup a few days later and found out my cervix is now soft.

I'm kind of amazed to find this bit about pineapple.  I'm 36w3d with number 4 and with each one I've craved (and eaten about 2 per week) fresh pineapple.  Just last week I overheard my husband telling my mother that "we have entered the pineapple phase."  These cravings always start at around 34 or 35 wks and my babies have been born at 39, 36w5d & 37w1d.  Two days ago I was told that if I managed another 7 days with this one, they (the doctor) will be very surprised.  No idea if it's really related but it's interesting.

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